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 High Quality Fertilizer Programs for Lawns, Trees, Shrubs and Sports Turf

Your lawn and landscape are made up of plants that have been removed from their natural habitat and expected to live in a structured environment where growth is restricted, soil conditions are generally poor and natural preditor populations are often too low to control pests. If left unaided, many lawn and landscape plants will fall prey to environmental stress and pest pressure. The goal of this company is to overcome these problems by providing the highest quality Plant Health Care service available for lawns, trees & shrubs and sports turf. Scheduled visits are aimed at promoting plant health through proper fertilization while reducing pest pressure with the proper and selective use of pesticides. Every effort is made to use materials that are not only effective, but environmentally friendly. Recommendations on cultural problems are also provided.



Payments for service are now accepted online. Clicking the link below will send you to a secure site hosted by PayPal where you can pay your bill with a credit card or PayPal account. Enter the amount due into "Item Price" and click update. The amount due can be found on the invoice left on the day of service or prepayment amount if you are paying in advance for the upcoming season. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

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